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Find out more about the benefits of FSC-certification and the difference certification makes on the ground through our video series. Share these videos on your channels and help to promote sustainable forestry and forests for all, forever.
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FSC Certification


FSC Labels

What do the FSC labels on a product mean? 


Why you should look for the FSC symbol on wood and paper products


FSC Promotional Licence

Value of an FSC promotional licence

FSC supports forest-based value chains


FSC & Textiles

FSC and Textiles: Sourcing Tree Fibers Sustainably


MASAI: The first Danish fashion brand to become FSC certified


Brunello: Manufacturing Fibers Responsibly for the Future


Sézane: Committing to Responsible Production


FSC & Construction

FSC and Construction: Building sustainably with FSC-certified wood


How Construction Professionals Can Ensure Responsible Management of Tropical Forests


How Consumers Can Ensure Responsible Management of Tropical Forests with FSC



FSC & Rubber

FSC and Rubber: Unlocking the Future of Sustainable Natural Rubber


Allbirds: Communicating Forest Responsibility to Consumers


Hunter Boots: Protecting Forests and Protecting Our Future

Forest Background

Conviértase en defensor del bosque

Todos tenemos un papel que desempeñar en la protección del futuro de nuestros bosques. Conozca cómo puede unirse al ecosistema FSC y empezar a marcar la diferencia hoy mismo.