FSC Canada Announces Innovative New Standard to Support Small, Low-Intensity Managed Forests and Community Forests

FSC Canada
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FSC Canada
Septiembre 26, 2023
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FSC publishes the FSC Forest Stewardship Standard for Canada for Small-Scale, Low Intensity and Community Forests; representing a significant step forward in FSC's commitment to fostering sustainable forestry practices in Canada.

FSC Canada is pleased to announce the launch of its new Forest Stewardship Standard for users qualifying as small-scale, low-intensity or community forests. This standard is tailored by including indicators to meet the unique needs of small, low-intensity managed forests (SLIMF) and community forests in Canada. It features fewer requirements and less costs and complexities compared to The FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard of Canada while still maintaining the rigorous environmental and social standards that FSC is known for.

Effective from January 1, 2024, this standard reflects FSC Canada's commitment to inclusivity, sustainability, and community engagement. Key highlights include:

  1. Less Burden, More Benefits: By simplifying requirements, we are making it easier for small, low-intensity managed forests and communities to achieve FSC certification. This will reduce costs and administrative complexities, allowing these groups to focus on sustainable practices and community development.
  2. Gender Equality: The standard places a strong emphasis on gender equality, promoting fair opportunities for all individuals in the forest and community management process.
  3. Indigenous Peoples’ Rights: FSC is committed to upholding Indigenous Peoples' rights and recognizing their invaluable role in forest management. The SLIMF + Community Standard incorporates Indigenous perspectives and respects traditional knowledge.
  4. Conservation Area Networks: We prioritize the creation and maintenance of Conservation Area Networks to protect biodiversity and ensure the long-term health of our ecosystems.
  5. High Conservation Value Assessment: This standard includes requirements for comprehensive assessment and monitoring of High Conservation Value areas, ensuring that these critical zones are preserved and enhanced.

"The Canadian Forest Stewardship Standard for SLIMF and Community Forests represents a significant step forward in FSC Canada's commitment to fostering sustainable forestry practices and empowering communities” says Francois Dufresne, FSC Canada President. “By reducing requirements and focusing on important issues such as gender equality, Indigenous rights, and conservation, we are ensuring that all stakeholders can participate in the responsible management of our forests. This is a vital move towards a more inclusive and sustainable future."

FSC Canada encourages small, low-intensity managed forests and communities forests to embrace this new standard and embark on a journey of sustainable forest management that benefits not only the environment but also the well-being of local communities.

For any queries on the standard, please contact Elaine Marchand, Director of Forest Management Standards, e.marchand@ca.fsc.org  

The FSS for Canada (English version) can be found in the FSC Document Centre.

A French translated version will be available on FSC Canada‘s  website in due course. Visit www.ca.fsc.org for more details.