NFSS Russia

Because of the association of the forest sector in Russia and Belarus with armed invasion, no FSC-certified material or controlled wood from these countries will be permitted to be traded.

FSC Innovation Blockchain
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Fraudulent claims can upend a supply chain, having lasting impacts on businesses, their workers, and our forests.  FSC’s blockchain verification technology aims to tackle fraudulent FSC claims and non-conforming forest materials and support “know your materials” compliance. 

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A lone caribou stares into the camera with a snowy foreground and pine forest background

Across the boreal forests of Canada, “grey ghosts” have roamed for hundreds of years, elusive creatures that seek out forest landscapes undisturbed by humans.

Reindeers and Sami people

Anders Blom, FSC Permanent Indigenous Peoples Committee member and FSC Indigenous Foundation Chair, gave this moving speech during a session at the recent Daring Cities conference.

green leafy canopy seen from below

We are pleased to announce the release of the FSC Global Strategy 2021-2026.