FSC helps companies comply with the EU Regulation on Deforestation-free Products
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Why is EUDR important?

EU Regulation on Deforestation-free Products (EUDR) and the FSC mission are mutually reinforcing. We continue fighting deforestation and degradation in Europe and worldwide.

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Meeting your EUDR requirements with FSC

Robust certification can help companies meet EUDR requirements. As one of the most robust sustainable forestry solutions, FSC is strongly aligned with the EUDR legality and sustainability requirements and can help companies assess and minimize the risk that relevant forest-based products come from a land which was deforested or degraded.

Thanks to involvement in the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) – which was used to build the EUDR – FSC has acquired over 10 years of experience with the concept of due diligence and has supported companies and EU Competent Authorities in fighting illegal logging and deforestation across Europe and globally.


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Find out if EUDR applies to you

If you are an FSC Certificate Holder and you would like to know if EUDR applies to you, you can search your product code in the FSC Product Classification & Harmonized System Alignment guidance document.

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FSC Aligned for EUDR

EUDR Fact Sheet


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Streamline your compliance journey with FSC Aligned for EUDR

FSC is taking the guesswork and complexity out of EUDR requirements, helping certificate holders become compliant on time. By 30 December 2024, your business must be EUDR-compliant if you’re selling within or exporting from the EU. Being EUDR-compliant means showing your forest-based products are legal, not sourced from deforested land, and do not contribute to degradation.

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Resources and Contacts

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