Press Kits

FSC / Jonathan Perugia
Our press kits provide all the necessary information for journalists and media outlets to learn, and accurately communicate about FSC.
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FSC / Jonathan Perugia

FSC International Press Kit

FSC Press Kit.pdf
PDF, Tamaño: 3.52MB
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FSC Media Webinar Press Kits

FSC Media Webina on carbon-smart forestry.pdf
PDF, Tamaño: 654.54KB
FSC Media Webinar on Ending deforestation by 2030.pdf
PDF, Tamaño: 1.44MB
FSC Media Webinar on Indigenous Peoples Press Kit.pdf
PDF, Tamaño: 10.59MB
FSC Media Webinar on Pre-COP26.pdf
PDF, Tamaño: 759.67KB
FSC Media Webinar on Good Plantations.pdf
PDF, Tamaño: 827.57KB
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