Your sustainability mission starts with FSC-certified pulp and fibre.
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Choose products made from sustainably sourced fibre

Forest fibre is naturally absorbent, durable, breathable, and biodegradable material from which many products are made, and it can be a sustainable choice when it comes from responsibly managed forests. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification verifies that the fibre you create, source, or sell is sourced responsibly, making it a sustainable option for hygiene products, textiles, paper and packaging, and more. / thanasus
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Pulp makes more than paper

Most people don’t realize how many everyday items are a product of the forest. Wood pulp is a renewable raw material made from trees that’s used to create books, fabrics, packaging, and much more. The pulp-making process involves pressure-cooking woodchips to separate the wood into cellulose fibres that are then washed, bleached, and used to produce a range of products.  

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Help protect the health of people and forests

Giving consumers the sustainable choices they want in personal hygiene products benefits us all. Sourcing FSC-certified materials, such as fluff pulp for tissue paper and a variety of hair, skin, and oral care products, has less of an impact on the environment and demonstrates your commitment to forests. 

Paper and packaging

If you’re in the paper or packaging industry, FSC can support your responsible-sourcing goals so that you can make sustainable products that your customers want.

FSC-certified materials have a world of benefits
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Fibre companies worldwide trust FSC for safety and quality

Essity Logo Essity is one of the world's largest suppliers of FSC certified hygine and health products. It has been an FSC chain of custody certificate holder since 2006.
International Paper Logo International Paper is an FSC international member and has been an FSC chain of custody certificate holder since 2008.
Essity is one of the world’s largest suppliers of FSC-certified hygiene and health products. We expect our suppliers of wood pulp to maintain and safeguard the principles of biodiversity and forest conservation. By working together with FSC - and the requirements of our Fresh Fiber Sourcing Policy to only purchase certified fiber- we globally promote sustainable fiber sourcing and the respect for both environmental and social values.

Stewart Begg, Director of Sustainable Fibres and Public Affairs, Essity

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Weave sustainability into your textile production

More textile companies are turning to man-made cellulosic fibres (MMCFs), but many of those fibres are from uncertified forests.1 This reliance on materials that aren’t FSC certified fuels deforestation and worsens the climate crisis. See how you can create fabrics and other materials that are beautiful and responsibly sourced.

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Sustainability will never go out of style

Consumers are growing more and more aware of how their fashion choices impact the planet. The Fashion Forever Green Pact is a call to action inviting brands, retailers and manufacturers to certify their supply chains and label their products in order to protect forests and provide consumers with more sustainable choices.

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How to promote your sustainable practices with FSC

Any company in the fibre industry can do their part to protect forests worldwide.
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If you manufacture products that use forest-based materials, you can obtain a chain of custody certification. 
Chain of custody certification shows your customers and supply chain that you’re committed to sustainable sourcing. It verifies that you’ve put processes in place to produce and trade FSC-certified products. 
When you receive chain of custody certification, you will also be able to use the FSC trademarks, letting customers know that your product is a responsible, sustainable choice. 

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 Retailers, brands, and others

Organizations that are not FSC certified but want to promote FSC-certified finished goods can obtain a promotional license. This license enables you to use the FSC logo in your promotional materials, showing the world your commitment to caring for the health and resilience of forests.  

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Make a commitment to the forests

Your journey toward sustainable sourcing starts now. 

Learn about the process to obtain your FSC certification or promotional licence
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1: Source: Textile Exchange: Preferred Fiber and Materials Market Report