Paper and packaging

Certified materials for a sustainable future
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Forest-friendly paper is good for business

Paper and packaging are some of the most widely used forest-based products, so ensuring they are sustainably sourced is crucial to protecting healthy, resilient forests. FSC® certification allows you to provide the responsible choices consumers want and demonstrate your commitment to forests worldwide. / winnond
Paper and packaging
FSC / All wood, packaging and paper products are certified
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Consumers put forests first

While paper- and cardboard-based packaging is easy to recycle, it can also contribute to deforestation and illegal logging if it’s not sourced responsibly.

According to a global survey of consumers*, sustainability is a key consideration while shopping.
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of global consumers prefer to choose products that do not harm plants and animals

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say products’ sustainability credentials should be independently certified

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of those consumers who recognize the FSC label prefer to choose an FSC-certified product instead of an equivalent non-certified product

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of consumers surveyed in the US and UK are willing to pay more for eco-friendly packaging1

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Stand out by standing with FSC

With a certification label recognized by 56 per cent of consumers worldwide,2 we’re setting the standard for sustainable forestry. 

FSC certification sends a clear message to businesses and consumers that you are taking action to protect the future of our forests and stand against harmful practices like deforestation and illegal logging. 

Companies worldwide trust FSC to protect forests

Elopak logo Elopak has been an FSC chain of custody certificate holder since 2010.
Kimberly- Clark logo Kimberly-Clark is an FSC international member and has been an FSC chain of custody certificate holder since 2007.
Paboco logo Paboco has been an FSC chain of custody certificate holder since 2020. In 2021, Paboco Paper Bottle Community welcomed FSC as an expert advisor in sustainable forest management.
SIG logo SIG has been an FSC chain of custody certificate holder since 2009.
Tetra Pak logo Tetra Pak has been an FSC chain of custody certificate holder since 2007 and has manufactured over 500 billion FSC-certified cartons.
UPM logo UMP is an FSC international member and has been a promotional licence holder since 2020.

How you can benefit from FSC certification

Paper and packaging companies of all sizes can do their part to protect forests worldwide.
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If your paper or packaging products use FSC-certified or controlled forest-based materials, you can obtain a chain-of-custody certification. 

Chain-of-custody certification shows your customers and supply chain that you’re committed to sustainable sourcing. It verifies that you’ve put processes in place to produce and trade FSC-certified products. 

When you receive chain of custody certification, you will also be able to use the FSC trademarks, letting customers know your product is a responsible, sustainable choice. 

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Retailers and brands

Organizations that are not FSC certified but want to promote FSC-certified finished goods can obtain a promotional licence. This licence enables you to use the FSC logo in your promotional materials, showing the world your commitment to caring for the health and resilience of forests. More than half of consumers around the world recognize the distinctive FSC logo.3

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Paper and packaging goes full circle

It’s time to rethink paper and packaging with circularity in mind. Our recycled label supports the three principles of circularity defined by the Ellen McArthur Foundation. **
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Regenerate natural systems

Our forest management standards and ecosystem services solutions ensure forests are managed sustainably so there is no net loss of forest over time.

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Keep products and materials in use

We created the FSC Recycled label to reduce the need to harvest virgin forest material for new products. Only products containing 100 per cent reclaimed materials can carry the FSC Recycled label.

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Design waste out of the system

Our FSC Recycled label covers pre consumer reclaimed material, ensuring that materials are recycled back into production instead of ending up in landfills.

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Paboco: Paper Bottle Company

FSC is an Expert Advisor with Paboco's community, supporting a scalable transformation towards more sustainable packaging. 

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Make a commitment to the forests

Your journey toward sustainable sourcing starts now.

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*:  GlobeScan Global Consumer Research, August 2021 - “According to a global survey of consumers,1 sustainability is a key consideration while shopping.”  

1: GlobalWebIndex, 2019 

2: GlobeScan Global Consumer Research, August 2022 

3: GlobeScan Global Consumer Research, August 2021 

**: The Circularity Economy in Detail, Ellen McArthur Foundation,