Webinar “Applying the mitigation hierarchy to improve your sustainability goals”

Applying the mitigation hierarchy to improve your sustainability goals

Date: Wednesday, June 19th 2024

Time: The webinar is taking place in two time zones:

Location: Online

Join us for an insightful webinar where we’ll unpack the critical concept of mitigation hierarchy – a framework guiding organizations towards limiting the negative environmental impacts from their activities as far as possible. This approach empowers businesses to prioritize strategies within and beyond their value chain, offering a roadmap for impactful and sustainable action.

What to expect:

Learn how the mitigation hierarchy framework directly applies to your business.

  1. Discover how the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), which defines and promotes best practice in science-based target setting, aligns with the mitigation hierarchy.
  2. Explore how FSC solutions support SBTi, Scope 3 emissions, help mitigate greenwashing, and ensure compliance with regulations like the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).
  3. Discover how to leverage FSC's Verified Impact solution to advance your sustainability goals and access our trusted credibility and forest-based stakeholder network, regardless of whether you are FSC-certified or not.

Who should attend: This webinar is for business professionals and leaders within and outside of forestry supply chains, seeking credible climate and biodiversity solutions. FSC experts will clarify how companies can take bold and verifiable action on environmental crises.

The webinar is taking place on Wednesday, June 19th 2024 in two time zones:

Host: Felix von Eynern, Global Sales Manager, FSC

Speaker: Ondrej Tarabus, Ecosystem Services Senior Advisor, FSC


Webinar summary

The webinar focused on the pivotal role private businesses play in mitigating environmental impacts through effective strategies. We delved into the critical mitigation hierarchy, a powerful tool that guides organizations to avoid, reduce, restore, and offset negative impacts across their entire value chain, from material sourcing to disposal or recycling.

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Verified Impact

Verified Impact, high-quality forest impact data solution

FSC is working on Verified Impact, a high-quality forest impact data solution that can allow businesses to embrace the contribution claims in a credible way through partnering with FSC and our forest managers. Should you be interested, please reach out to us via ecosystemservices@fsc.org.

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