Consultation on setting a maximum hectare threshold for ‘very limited portion’ of conversion

FSC China / Feiyue Liu
FSC China / Feiyue Liu
Mayo 10, 2024
Categoría : Noticias generales

FSC has opened a consultation to revise Advice Note 20-007-23  Maximum hectare Threshold for “very limited portion"  to address challenges identified in the implementation phase and  gather feedback regarding how ‘conservation and social benefits’ can be produced by a conversion event.

The implementation note for Motion 37 approved by the General Assembly in 2022 requested FSC to provide a threshold in hectares for the concept of “very limited portion” to strengthen FSC’s approach towards conversion. In August 2023 Advice Note 20-007-23 was published setting a 1000-ha threshold and allowing Standard Developers to set lower or higher thresholds through the Forest Stewardship Standard (FSS) processes . 

After being made aware of the challenges that the new advice note has created or is foreseen to create for some certificate holders, we are conducting a revision proposing to remove the retroactivity element. With this, certificate holders would not be penalized for past conversions under the previous FSC rules. 

The consultation will also gather feedback on other concerns shared including whether conversion planned and agreed upon through contracts or similar written commitments before the effective date of the advice note and in conformity with the previous FSC requirements should be counted towards the calculation of the 1000-ha threshold or not, and about the ability for Standard Developers to adjust the threshold, which had not previously been consulted. 

The consultation also includes a draft interpretation on what can constitute ‘clear, substantial, additional, secure long-term conservation and social benefits in the Management Unit’ in the context of Criteria 6.9, 6.10 and 6.11. 

The consultation is open between 10 May 2024 and 26 June 2024. We invite all interested stakeholders to participate by accessing the consultation through the FSC Consultation Platform.

Thank you in advance for your participation.