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Tune into a series of webinars led by industry experts to find out more about the benefits of FSC certification.
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FSC Webinar on Promoting Consumer Engagement with Forest Sustainability

In this webinar we reveal the latest global consumer sustainability insights from GlobeScan, along with practical steps companies and brands can take to harness consumer momentum and protect the world’s forests. Almost 1,000 professionals registered for this webinar from 79 countries representing 377 organisations. 


Out of the Woods is a webinar series designed by FSC to spotlight value chains linked to forests and the role sustainable forestry plays in protecting them.

  1. How architects specifying tropical timber can help mitigate climate change 
    In this webinar, our guest speakers Tullia Baldassarri from Interholco; Boris Zeisser from Natrufied- Architecture and Peter Gijsen from Royal BAM Group shared real-life examples of innovative tropical wood applications and the sustainability implications of choosing them. 303 people registered for this webinar from 31 countries. 
  2. Building Sustainably - benefits of building with FSC-certified mass timber   

    In this webinar, Sebastian Bildau, Architect, CF Moller Architects, Carlo Battisti, President, Living Future Europe and Antonio J Lara, Assistant professor, Technical University of Madrid shared the benefits of sourcing FSC-certified cross laminated timber and how this can help architects to deliver on their commitment to building sustainably. 


  3. Unlocking Sustainable Natural Rubber: How to scale early successes for 2022 
    Tracing natural rubber supply between processing factories and millions of smallholder farmers is one of the most difficult challenges facing rubber today. This challenge, among others, has contributed to the perception that rubber cannot become fully sustainable. However, significant milestones in the past year have changed the trajectory of rubber certification. In this webinar, our guest speakers Ulrich Antoni from Pirelli; Tina Nguyen from Hunter Boots and Dieter Verscheure from Latexco NV talked about their efforts in ensuring sustainable transformation of rubber.

Dezeen - FSC Architecture Project Talks - showcasing building projects made using FSC-certified wood


Dezeen is the world's most popular and influential architecture, interiors and design magazine, with over three million monthly readers and six million social media followers. Dezeen teamed up with FSC to host a webinar series about buildings made from FSC-certified wood. 

The series featured a presentation from Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios on 3 November about its renovation of the University of Bristol’s Senate House building, and also featured a lecture from Chris Precht on 2 December about Bert, his design for a modular treehouse.