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Project Title

Revision of the Forest Management Evaluations Standard (FSC-STD-20-007) and associated addenda


Revision of the Standard

Project Supervisor
Technical coordinator
Start date

December 2020

End date

January 2023

Purpose of the document

The objective of the TWG is to review and reconsider the fundamental approach of FSC towards forest management evaluations, including evaluation methods, intensity, frequency, duration, data gathering, reporting, current structure of evaluation standards, etc.

Technical Working group

Emily Blackwell, Technical Manager, Soil Association 

Gabriel Bolton, Senior Program Manager Forestry, Preferred by Nature  

Ellen Keyti, Forest Certification Coordinator, Imaflora 

Étienne Vézina, Manager Forestry and Certification, Resolute Forest Products 

Magnus Norrby, Managing Director, Skogscertifiering Prosilva AB 


January 2021

The Technical Working Group is established. Read the news item here

October 2020

Call for applications to join the Technical Working Group to revise the Forest Management Evaluations Standard and its associated addenda. Please see the following:

Candidates are invited to fill in the application form and send it with their CV to Diana Franco Gil, Policy Manager (Forest Management Program) at, by 30 November 2020.

March 2020

BoD approves revision process

ToR TWG FSC-STD-20-007 Approved
PDF, Size: 386.05KB