We’re excited to announce this new group of experts who will work on rethinking FSC’s fundamental approach to forest management evaluations.  

The members of the technical working group are:   

Emily Blackwell - Technical Manager, Soil Association 

Gabriel Bolton - Senior Program Manager Forestry, Preferred by Nature  

Ellen Keyti - Forest Certification Coordinator, Imaflora 

Étienne Vézina - Manager Forestry and Certification, Resolute Forest Products 

Magnus Norrby - Managing Director, Skogscertifiering Prosilva AB   

The group will provide technical and strategic advice to update FSC’s main standard regulating the auditing of responsible forest management.  

For more information on this project, including the terms of reference for the group, you can check out the dedicated process page here.  FSC invites you to become a member of the consultative forum by submitting your contact information here. At the discretion of the TWG, the consultative forum can be asked to provide input to the process. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Diana Franco Gil, FSC Policy Manager for Forest Management Program, at d.franco@fsc.org.