FSC is inviting stakeholders to participate in two public consultations:

  1. First public consultation of the revised Forest Management Evaluations Standard FSC-STD-20-007 and associated addenda.
  2. Second public consultation of the revised FSC-PRO-60-010 Incorporating a risk-based approach in National Forest Stewardship Standards and its Guidance.

The revised Forest Management Evaluations Standard concerns the requirements that certification bodies need to fulfill when conducting forest management evaluations. This includes pre-, main and re-evaluations of single forest management units, forest management groups, and single legal entities managing multiple forest management units.

In a parallel process, FSC is revising Incorporating a risk-based approach in National Forest Stewardship Standards and its Guidance which provide the process steps for incorporating a risk-based approach (RBA) in National Forest Stewardship Standards.  The RBA technical working group (TWG) has also been mandated with the development of requirements in the Forest Management Evaluations Standard for a risk-based assurance system. These requirements have been introduced to the revised Draft 1-0 Forest Management Evaluations Standard and are presented at this public consultation for stakeholder comment.

Both TWGs; FSC-STD-20-007 and RBA, will continue working towards full integration of their work and outputs after this first public consultation and are looking forward to receiving stakeholder input.

If you would like more information before filling out your responses, we are holding webinars that will go through the main proposals of these two revisions:

Webinar information

If you have any questions about the revision of FSC-STD-20-007, please contact Lucia Massaroth, Policy Manager (Forest Management Program) at l.massaroth@fsc.org. For questions about the revision of FSC-PRO-60-010, please contact Dorothee Jung-Wilhelm, Program Manager (System Performance) at d.jung-wilhelm@fsc.org.