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FSC / Nail Brush (Ebelin)
Your choice of products can take care of mind, body, soul and forests.
Woman using nail brush 
FSC / Nail Brush (Ebelin)

Discover FSC-certified products

A range of beauty and wellness products are being made with FSC-certified wood and bamboo. Choose responsibly while living well.
Make up tools and accessories

Make-up tools and accessories

You will find a range of make-up tools and accessories like brushes for foundation, blush or eyeshadow that are made of FSC-certified wood. 

Yoga on FSC certified Lululemon Yoga mat
© FSC / Esterilla de yoga de 3mm (Lululemo)


FSC-certified natural rubber yoga mats help you remain fit and take care of the world's forests at the same time.

Cork massage roller
FSC / The cork and packaging is certified (Primark)

Fitness gear

Several fitness tools are made from FSC-certified cork like yoga-blocks, columns, mats, massage rollers and balls.

FSC-certified Bamboo Toothbrush
FSC / All wood and bamboo products are certified

Bamboo toothbrush

Bamboo is emerging as an alternative material especially for plastics but be careful to check if it is FSC-certified to ensure they are sourced responsibly. 



Condoms made of 100% FSC-certified natural rubber give you the necessary protection while also helping you to protect forests. 

Ask your employer to support
FSC / All paper and wood products are certified

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