The EUTR will affect thousands of companies, small and large, that are producing timber domestically or importing timber or timber products into the EU. Some of them are aware of the EUTR, but many are not. It is therefore important that FSC certificate holders get early signals that FSC is ready for the EUTR while doing that extra bit to support responsible forest management.

FSC identified that certain elements of the FSC Controlled Wood, Forest Management and FSC Chain of Custody standards are affected by the regulation and as a result plans to conduction a minor review of the FSC Controlled Wood Standard by the end of 2011, eliminate any non-controlled component from FSC certified products, and release an Advice Note on legality for Forest Management Certification.

FSC believes that banning illegally harvested timber from the EU market is a laudable goal, and one that is crucial to our mission. The legality of timber products is an essential part of our standards as such FSC certificate holders should have no problem complying with the regulation.

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