A panel of experts was then asked to select a third message, also on the basis of inputs from civil society. Mr John Hontelez, chief advocacy officer of FSC, intervened from the floor to defend FSC’s proposal to promote sustainable public procurement as a practical tool for authorities and public entities at all levels.

Ms Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Prime Minister of Norway and once chair of the UN Commission that put sustainable development on the global agenda 25 years ago, strongly supported this proposal. Several other panelists supported this, including Matthis Wackernagel, the inventor of the ecological footprint. The panelists underlined that public authorities at all levels, whose purchases together represent 20% of the global economy, can directly boost sustainably sound production patterns and set the right example to companies and individual consumers.

So the third recommendation on economics for sustainable development that will be presented is to ‘promote a green economy through sustainable public procurement worldwide as a catalyst for sustainable production patterns’.