The FSC is considering developing a policy for including the certification of forestry contractors in the FSC certification system. Under consideration are several options for recognizing contractors for demonstrating compliance with FSC Principles and Criteria for Forest Stewardship, and allowing forest owners to share tasks with certified forestry contractors for the certification of forests. The objectives of this policy would be to recognize the good practices of forestry contractors and to simplify the certification process for forest owners who work with certified contractors, especially for smallholders. The end goal would be to encourage good forest management and increase the flow of FSC certified products from smallholder forests in the supply chain.The FSC originally developed the forestry contractor concept through the CeFCo Project from May 2009 to May 2012 ( with project partners NEPCon (Nature, Ecology, and People Consult) and ENFE (European Networkof Forest Entrepreneurs), and funding from the EU EACI (European UnionExecutive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation).


To collect stakeholder opinion on the development of an FSC policy on forestry contractor certification and on the different scenarios proposed to be adopted.

Document under consultation

The Discussion Paper - Policy on forestry contractor certification will be under consultation until the 19 of September 2012. Please, use the comments templates provided in English or Spanish. Comments can be sent to Rosario Galán, Policy Officer, at

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