In the past 20 years, FSC has become a well-trusted and established brand in sectors and markets around the world. With our new branding we plan to extend our reach by targeting consumers directly.

“The success of FSC has always depended on consumer awareness and demand for FSC-certified products. We have relied on our partners and certificate holders to spread the message of FSC on our behalf, and their success has been remarkable. But, we have also listened to their calls for more effective tools and materials that could inspire their customers to choose FSC – an identity that would connect with consumers and be memorable in the retail space. We believe the new branding and marketing toolkit will help them do this,” said Kim Carstensen, Director General of FSC.

The new strapline - Forests For All Forever - reaffirms the FSC vision of saving the world’s forests for future generations, while the visual identity, which includes the animals and people who live and interact in forests, reinforces the all-encompassing approach FSC takes to sustainable forest management.

"Forests are so much more than trees and timber. Our Principles and Criteria have always reflected our determination to protect forests and their inhabitants. Now, our commitment will also be expressed in our visual identity, and provide a clearer message to consumers of what it means when they buy an FSC-certified product,” stated Mr. Carstensen.

“In addition, with markets opening up in Asia, Latin America and Africa, it was time go beyond outreach to producers and retailers,” continued Mr. Carstensen. “Supply grows in response to demand, and those at the end of the supply chain – consumers – are vital to ensuring companies seek out sustainable solutions and engage in responsible businesses practices."

The new branding was developed based on a marketing survey that reached 9,000 participants from 11 different countries in 2013. The online toolkit containing the new branding assets can be immediately accessed by certificate holders, and will be available to trademark service providers and key accounts later in the year.

For more information about the new global brand, and marketing toolkit, please contact the FSC marketing team by email,