These now comprise 30% of country's total forest – an area of 3,147 million hectares. At the same time, the number of FSC-certified supply chains is also rising.

These upward trends represent are a significant achievement for the country. Gemma Boetekees, Director of the FSC Global Network, noted this during a recent visit to the country and also highlighted what more could be achieved. “Ukraine has great potential to [further] increase the number of certificates,” she said. “This could significantly strengthen its position in the global market, by increasing the number of certified products. FSC and Ukraine’s National Office are ready to contribute to this process.”

Ms Boetekees was in Ukraine to attend the official opening of FSC Ukraine’s National Representative office, which took place on 15 July. "This offers new opportunities for the sustainable development of the forestry industry in Ukraine, and the country in general," said Pavlo Kravets, Director of the newly established office.

FSC forests keep growing in Ukraine

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