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Our members are essential to shaping our strategies. Joining as a member provides many benefits, including access to our exclusive members' portal.
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Find relevant information on standards and how to implement them, tailored for your needs. Explore the tools we offer to support your work.
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Consumers are increasingly demanding eco-friendly and responsible products. FSC provides many benefits to business, including marketing support.
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Impact Stories

From Bush to Charcoal: the Greenest Charcoal Comes from Namibia

Faced with extreme climate conditions, Namibian farmers have learnt to diversify their activities, especially by producing FSC-certified charcoal.

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Integrity Stories

FSC Suspends Ukrainian Charcoal Certificate Holders

FSC takes swift action following an investigation revealed a scheme with over 18,000 tons of non-certified product entering the market as FSC certified.

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Innovation Stories

Ecotourism in Oncol Park: Arauco’s Treasure in Chile

The FSC Ecosystem Service Procedure has helped Arauco to verify its positive impacts on ecotourism services. The global forestry company has managed to protect a severely threatened forest while ensuring it benefits the local, scientific, and educational communities.

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Today we're celebrating the immense biodiversity of forests by introducing you to some of the...
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FSC’s principle decision-making platform, the triennial General Assembly, has been postponed to 2021...
"Building with timber can ameliorate climate change, as it produces less greenhouse gas emissions...
fight climate change
We're looking forward to it! Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming podcast series.
Exceptional display by Alison von Ketteler, manager of hashtag#FSC's Ecosystem Service Program at...
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Great to see our event 'The Value of FSC to Europe's Public Forests' is going well in Prague. Stay...
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I'm the Swietenia Mahogany
Oh, hello there! I'm the Swietenia Mahogany! I can be found in several Brazilian states – for...
Today is World Food Day! October is a great time to forage for forest foods like mushrooms and...
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International Rural Women Day
It’s International Day of Rural Women, and we’re celebrating the integral role rural women play in...
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