Forests matter for everyone.
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Human life depends on the health of forests

Responsible forestry does more than protect the health and resilience of forests—it also protects the well-being of the people who live and work in them. These people include community and family forest managers, Indigenous Peoples living on their ancestral lands, and workers whose livelihoods depend on forest products.

We will all share the same belief and respect for Mother Earth. We are all here to be good stewards of Mother Earth and to our Indigenous cultural landscapes.

Anders Blom, Chairperson of the FSC Indigenous Foundation Council

Forest stewardship in action

See how FSC is making a difference for people all around the world.
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Eudoxie’s story

For Eudoxie and others in Gabon, FSC certification has created safer, better-paying jobs and more access to healthcare and education.

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Workers standing in a forest in hard hats and safety vests

Oswaldo and Luis’ story

In Quintana Roo, Mexico, Oswaldo and Luis help manage the world’s first community forest to earn FSC certification.

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Safeguarding the forest for future generations

In the rainforests of Peru, responsible forestry is helping the Callería community protect the Amazon for generations to come.

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4 ways FSC improves our lives

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Standards that put people at the core

When forests are FSC certified, their managers commit to ensuring the social and economic well-being of workers and local communities. All organizations with FSC’s chain of custody certification agree to core labour requirements that include no child or forced labour, no employment discrimination, and the right to collective bargaining.

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Protecting the rights of Indigenous Peoples

FSC standards require forest managers to uphold the rights of Indigenous Peoples. Additionally, FSC’s governance structure ensures Indigenous voices are heard at the highest levels of FSC decision-making.

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Putting certification within reach of all forests

FSC has a portfolio of solutions and tools that help make certification easier and more affordable for forests managed by communities and families. Group certification, for example, enables multiple forest managers to share the workload and cost of the process.

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Market access

FSC teams around the world help connect local communities and families to the growing market for sustainably sourced forest materials—not only timber but also bamboo, nuts, natural rubber, cork, and other forest products We’re also developing tools that help connect small suppliers with the right market opportunities.

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FSC Indigenous Foundation

FSC and its Indigenous community partners around the world founded the FSC Indigenous Foundation in 2018 to support Indigenous Peoples driving change for their territories, development, and rights, and their active role in forest and nature-based solutions worldwide. The Foundation is advised by the FSC Permanent Indigenous Peoples Committee (PIPC), a group that ensures Indigenous voices are heard at the highest levels of FSC decision-making.

Goals of the Foundation include:

  • connecting Indigenous Peoples worldwide to the FSC system and its approach for balancing economic, environmental, and social priorities
  • increasing Indigenous Peoples’ access to markets for their certified forest products
  • generating innovative opportunities to connect sustainable economic development, sustainable forest management, and climate action driven by the vision, values, and knowledge of Indigenous Peoples
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Putting workers first

Putting workers first

We’re committed to securing workers’ rights by incorporating core labour requirements into the FSC certification system. These requirements include:

  • no child or forced labour
  • no discrimination in employment and occupation
  • freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
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FSC / Bablu Singh

FSC promotes diversity and gender equality

We’re working to advance equitable participation in decision-making and the empowerment of workers, Indigenous Peoples, communities, smallholders, women, and other under-represented groups. We recognize that peoples of the world come from a range of cultures and backgrounds, all of which deserve understanding and inclusion.

Stack of logs / Hans Verburg
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Man weaving basket beside a hut.
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Forest Background

Become a forest steward

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