A complaint was filed by Greenpeace, WWF-Indonesia and Rainforest Action Network to FSC in May 2013, accusing APRIL of being involved in large-scale deforestation activities in Indonesia and bringing negative social and environmental impacts to areas with high conservation values. FSC dissociated from the company in August 2013 after APRIL unilaterally decided to file a withdrawal of the FSC certifications held by the group.

FSC and APRIL have agreed to enter a dialogue process with the view of eventually developing a roadmap to end disassociation. In this process, all concerned parties, including Greenpeace, WWF-Indonesia and Rainforest Action Network, namely the NGO's that filed the original complaint, as well as other key stakeholders will be involved.

January 2020
FSC initiates a baseline assessment of APRIL Group

From January 2020, FSC will conduct a baseline assessment of the complaint allegations about APRIL Group and its alignment with the FSC  Policy for Association. 

FSC has engaged an independent consultancy, Forest Finest Consultants, to conduct the baseline analysis on APRIL Group and its long term suppliers between 1994 and 2019. This evaluation will be conducted between January and May 2020. 

This analysis is not part of an FSC certification process, but rather FSC is seeking to evaluate the allegations of the original complaint and other potential violations of the Policy for Association since 2013.  A summary of the final report will be published on this page of the FSC website.

For more information please contact Salem Jones at @ s.jones@fsc.org

December 2017

FSC performs a re-evaluation of APRIL’s readiness to engage in a dialogue with FSC towards ending the disassociation. The FSC Board of Directors agrees to continued dialogue between FSC, APRIL and complainant NGOs.

February 2016

FSC analyzes APRIL’s SFMP (Sustainable Forestry Management Plan) and stakeholder engagement. FSC enters into a formal dialogue with APRIL based on this evaluation, concluding that APRIL is exemplifying commitment, policy and progress at a high level.

September 2014

APRIL approaches FSC and expresses its willingness to comply with the FSC Policy for Association and work towards regaining FSC certification by ending disassociation. Informal dialogue begins.

August 2013

FSC disassociates from APRIL.

June 2013

APRIL files a withdrawal of its (and its subsidiary group's) FSC certifications.

May 2013

FSC receives a joint complaint against APRIL from Greenpeace, WWF-Indonesia and Rainforest Action Network, denouncing on-going large-sclae deforestation activities by the company in Indonesia. The complaints are made based on the company's purported violations of the Policy for Association alleging that large-scale forest conversion to pulpwood plantations had brought negative social and environmental impacts to areas with high conservation values.