Supporting Supply Chains

From forest to store, we are committed to creating credible supply chains. As a result, transparency and simplification are key priorities for FSC.

FSC Supply Chain
FSC Denmark / Bablu Singh


FSC provides organizations and consumers worldwide with the confirmation that the forest products they buy and sell come from responsibly-managed resources.

FSC chain of custody (CoC) certification involves more than 50,000 companies worldwide buying, selling and trading FSC-certified material. Building on this world-renowned certification, we offer industry-leading monitoring tools that help ensure companies of all sizes keep certified and non-certified materials separated throughout the supply chain.

As CoC certification evolves, we are introducing a more flexible system that incorporates new advances in technology, and the lessons we have learned from our 25 years of experience. For us, the accuracy and transparency of the FSC supply chain is crucial. That is why we run initiatives around the world aimed at addressing inaccurate claims in the FSC system.


FSC Transaction Verification
FSC Denmark / Bablu Singh
It is essential to limit inaccurate claims in FSC-certified supply chains. This is especially true for high-risk supply chains. Transaction verification is the verification process required by the FSC chain of custody standard to ensure that FSC output claims made by certificate holders are accurate and match the FSC input claims of their trading partners.
FSC Wood Identification
FSC International / Loa Dalgaard Worm
Wood identification technologies make it possible to trace the timber species and harvest location. Traditional wood anatomy enables scientist to determine genus and family, and even species, depending on the circumstances.
FSC Wood Reference Sample Collection
FSC International / Loa Dalgaard Worm
An innovative approach to wood sample testing. FSC is part of a leading partner in an innovative project, reinventing how wood sample collection and forensic sciences can help us protect our forests worldwide. Traditional wood identification technologies have long made it possible for scientists to determine the genus, and/or family of a timber of a small piece of wood using forensic techniques. In short, the tests can tell both FSC and authorities whether a product is made from the genus, family and sometimes species of timber which it is claimed to be.
tree detectives


People fixing the world: the tree detectives tackling illegal logging

We visit the wood archive at Kew Gardens and speak to experts using this technology to help stem the flow of illegally-smuggled timber and protect the planet’s endangered forests.

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