Consumer demand is growing for products that are environmentally sustainable and socially beneficial. So choose the materials you can trust to deliver better results for forests, people and businesses. Choose wood, paper and packaging with the FSC label. 

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The benefits of FSC for retail sector

FSC is the sustainable forest management solution trusted by businesses that want the competitive advantage that assured compliance brings. It proves businesses are helping to ensure forests thrive today and for future generations.


icon zero deforestation


Although trees are harvested, there is no net loss of forest over time. 

icon environmental protection


Biodiversity is maintained, and high conservation value areas - including old growth forest - are protected.

icon indigenous rights


Forest inhabitants are consulted and engaged, and cultural rights are maintained

icon workers


Training, safety and decent wages for all workers are assured.


Therefore, when a forest becomes FSC certified, it’s an assurance that all these factors have been considered. That assurance extends to the materials that come from the forest, like FSC- certified wood, paper, cardboard, etc.


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    Set yourself apart from competition

    To improve awareness of responsible forest products and materials, we have made promoting FSC- certified products and services as simple as possible, by making our logo available for promotional materials and marketing campaigns. This gives retailers, brand owners, and other organizations with no FSC certification an opportunity to promote FSC-labelled products.

    By signing an FSC promotional license agreement and joining our FSC Trademark Service Programme, you can create your own unique and powerful point-of-sale materials, signalling your commitment to responsible forest management to your customers.

    FSC’s Trademark Service Programme also offers participants advice on the best ways to use and promote FSC-branded products. This can enhance the way their customers see them and gives them a role in improving market access for responsible forest products.

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    Communicate your sustainable advantage

    Consumers will value hearing about your efforts towards sustainable forest management. Use the various tools we created to tell the story of your commitment to forests. From market research results on consumer behavior to ready-to-use or editable campaign assets, wehavedeveloped a robust marketing platform for our certificate and license holders to get the most of their certification: the marketing and communications toolkit.



    Toolkit dashboard certificate holders

    FSC Marketing and communications toolkit dashboard of FSC Certificate and License holders.


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FSC is the most trusted sustainable forest management solution

Founded over 25 years ago, FSC provides a mark that shows forests are sustainably managed. With more than 75,000 organizations holding FSC chain of custody certification, FSC is the leading sustainable forest management solution, providing the highest assurance of supply chain integrity from forest to consumer globally.

  1. Trusted by consumers


    8 in 10 consumers1

    who have purchased or recall a purchase of FSC products say an FSC label on a product had a positive effect on their purchasing decision

    7 in 10 consumers2

    say information about sustainability on products should be certified by an independant company



    1GlobeScan Consumer Insights Survey, 2017, specific sample. 

    Out of the total sample size for the survey, this data focuses on the users who indicated they recall a purchase of FSC products. The sample size here is then 3,991 consumers.

    2GlobeScan FSC Consumer Insights Survey, 2017. 

    The survey was conducted online using reputable national consumer research panels to recruit respondents in 13 countries with around 800 adults participating from each country. The total sample size for the survey was 10,435 consumers; samples were designed to be nationally representative as far as is realistically possible using online panels

  2. Trusted by NGOs

    When we set our standards, we consult with our members, who represent over 1,000 of the world’s foremost environmental, social and economic experts. Our governance is set up in such a way that each group of these experts has an equal say in how we work. That’s why our certification of sustainable forest management has been backed by world-leading environmental NGOs. They believe that when we say forests for all forever, we mean it.


    WWf logo

    “WWF considers FSC to be the most credible and rigorous forest certification scheme currently available to ensure environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable management of forests.”  

    WWF, ‘Responsible Sourcing of Forest Products: The Business Case for Retailers’  

  3. Trusted by big brands

    Across the globe, leading brands are choosing FSC. They know the FSC label shows their products are sourced responsibly. It’s not just the right thing to do for the planet. It’s the right thing to do for their business.


    ECI logo

    “FSC certification provides credibility and consistency to our sustainability strategy. FSC is also a tool for us for risk management and legal compliance. For example, it helps us in being complaint with the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR). At El Corte Ingles we believe that it is our responsibility to not only work with our suppliers but with the consumers as well to make them easily understand what a sustainable product is. That is why we created the movement for sustainability and FSC is one of the major certifications we are working with to make that possible”

    Delia Garcia, Head of Sustainability, El Corte Inglés



    H&M logo


    “We believe FSC to be the strongest certification system around to ensure responsible forest management and by using FSC certified material, we know that the wood in our products come from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. [...] This also supports our general sustainability message towards our customers and helps to create new marketing opportunities, as well as increasing our brand equity.”

    Madelene Ericsson - Sustainability Business Expert, H&M


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