Project title

Validation of a proposal for a FSC Continuous Improvement Scheme for smallholder and community certification in Latin America.



Project Coordinator

Janja Eke;

Project Supervisor

Vera Santos;

Start date

March 2018

End date

February 2019

Purpose of the project

Collect ideas and inputs to generate recommendations for FSC on how to integrate and implement ‘continuous improvement’ in the FSC system for certification of forests managed by smallholders and communities.

  • Collect ideas and opinions for the definition of smallholders and communities.
  • Analyze the FSC criteria and define critical criteria and criteria of continuous improvement.
  • Know the proposals for a timeline and the stages of a continuous improvement scheme.
Strategic alignment

At the 2017 General Assembly in Vancouver, Canada, the membership approved Motion 46 that recommended the New Approaches project to conduct several pilot projects in selected countries, to assess the feasibility of different approaches that can improve uptake and maintenance of certification by smallholders and communities.

Technical working group

No technical working group will be formed. The consultation process will be carried out in 7 countries with the existing National Standards Development Groups, and in Central America with the Sub-regional Standard Development Group, which includes 4 countries: Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Additionally, in each country, a smallholder group or community was chosen for a second consultation workshop.


February 2019
Consultation Workshop
Consultation Workshop smallholders in Telemaco Borba, Brazil
Consultation Workshop SDG Brazil in Curitiba
Consultation Workshop with members of several communities in Concepción, Bolivia
Consultation Workshop SDG Bolivia, in Santa Cruz
Consultation Workshop SDG Ecuador in Quito
Consultation Workshop Smallholder Group in Junajui, Tarapoto, Peru
Consultation Workshop SDG Perú in Lima
Consultation Workshop Regional SDG Central America in Guatemala City
Consultation Workshop SDG Chile in Concepción
Consultation Workshop Smallholder Group, Concepción, Chile
Consultation Workshop Smallholder Group Oaxaca, México
Consultation Workshop SDG México in Mexico DF.
Consultation Workshop Smallholder Group, Yoro, Honduras
Consultation Workshop SDG Honduras in La Ceiba
February 2018
Concept note and work plan for consultation process in LA approved
October 2017
Stepwise Approaches discussion paper consultation

Discussion paper