Project title

Smallholders pilot test in China


Pilot test

Project Coordinator
Technical Coordinator

Wang Yanyan;

Project Supervisor

Vera Santos;

Start date

September 2018

End date

July 2020

Purpose of the project

Test alternative solutions to support smallholders to comply with International Generic Indicator 6.5.5. This indicator refers to the minimum area of the Conservation Area Network.

Strategic alignment

At the 2017 General Assembly in Vancouver, Canada, the membership approved Motion 46 that recommended the New Approaches project to conduct several trial or pilot projects in selected countries, to assess the feasibility of different approaches that can improve uptake and maintenance of certification by smallholders and communities.

Working group Environmental | Social | Economic




Email address

Li Yejing

(WWF China)

Act as Sustainable Forest Programme Officer to lead the promotion of sustainable forest management in China. He also has the experience of studies on forest sustainable management certification and timber legality verification.



Hu Yanjie

(Chinese Academy of Forestry)


She has the education background of forest management and has led many research project about social issues in forest industry and Forest Policy Development in China.

Ding Yiwei

(IKEA Trading Service(China)Co., Ltd)

Forestry Specialist in IKEA.

Yiwei has good background of forest certification research. He is also responsible to implement the wood management and sourcing minimum standard of IKEA’s suppliers.



January 2019
Fourth working group meeting.
October 2018
Third working group meeting.
September 2018
Standard Operating Procedure approved

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August 2018
Pilot proposal approved by the Policy and Standards Committee (PSC).
July 2018
Second working group meeting.
April 2018
Working Group established and first working group meeting. Confidential and non-disclosure agreement signed.