Project title

Smallholders Access Program pilot test (USA)


Pilot test

Project Coordinators

Amy Clark Eagle;

Andrew Goldberg;

Project Supervisors

Vera Santos;

Richard Donovan;

Start date

January 2019

End date

January 2021

Purpose of the project

Test the Smallholder Access Program (SAP) standard developed by Rainforest Alliance as part of their Appalachia Woodland Alliance program. This standard proposes a simplified process for smallholders to join an FSC-certified forest management group. By joining these groups, smallholders improve their forest management practices; legal compliance is guaranteed; and there is an increase of FSC-certified material availability.

Strategic alignment

At the 2017 General Assembly in Vancouver, Canada, the membership approved Motion 46 that recommended the New Approaches project to conduct several pilot tests to assess the feasibility of different approaches that can improve uptake and maintenance of certification by smallholders and communities.


Feb 2019
Open call for certificate holders and certification bodies to participate in the pilot test.

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Jan 2019
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) approved.

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Dec 2018
Pilot proposal approved by the Policy and Standards Committee (PSC).