Project Title

Requirements to incorporate the ILO generic criteria and indicators into the Chain of Custody standards (ILO CoC Project)


CoC Standard

Start date

August 2018

End date

October 2020


Develop consistent and feasible accreditation and certification requirements for Chain of Custody according to the approved generic criteria and indicators based on ILO Core Conventions.

Strategic alignment

At their August 2017 meeting, the Board of Directors (BoD) adopted the historical decision to approve the incorporation of the generic criteria and indicators based on ILO Core Conventions into the Chain of Custody Standards (FSC-STD-20-011 and FSC-STD-40-004). This decision also considered the necessity of development a solid plan for the implementation, including training materials, stakeholders engagement and communication efforts. This decision meets the strategic alignment to strengthen the protection of workers’ rights in all FSC System. The BoD decision can be accessed here.

Technical working Group
  • Apolinar Z. Tolentino, BWI;
  • Jeanette Clarke, Forest & People;
  • Joana dos Guimarães Sá, APCER Portuguese Association for Certification;
  • Renato Pasqual, IMAFLORA;
  • Patrick Spencer, Cork Forest Conservation Alliance;
  • Stefan Marculewicz, American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PA)


11 & 12 December 2018
First in-person Technical Working Group Meeting (initially planned to be held in Bonn)
October 2018
Call for applications for the Technical Working Group and the Consultative Forum
September 2018
General announcement about the process


FSC-PRO-01-001 V3-1 EN Development and Revision of FSC normative documents
PDF, Size: 736.52KB
FSC Report on generic criteria and indicators based on ILO Core Conventions principles_EN
PDF, Size: 518.80KB
Terms of Reference and Operating Rules
PDF, Size: 887.73KB