Project Title

Development of Mechanism for the Operationalization of the FSC Policy on Conversion

Project Coordinator

Yan Li;

Technical Coordinator
Project Supervisor

Maria Pilar Melero;

Start date

June 2019

End date

November 2020

Purpose of the project

Develop a mechanism to translate the FSC Policy on Conversion into operational practices.

Strategic alignment

At the General Assembly 2017 in Vancouver, Canada the membership approved Motion 7 recognizing the strategic importance of addressing the issues around conversion of natural forest-related ecosystems to plantations and the need for alignment of the diverse ways in which conversion is treated in different parts of the FSC normative framework.

9 July 2019
Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Technical Working Group approved by the Steering Committee

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15 July 2019
Open call for FSC members to join Technical Working Group for developing mechanism for the operationalization of the FSC Policy on Conversion

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Motion 7 TWG ToR_030619_Amended 210619_Approved.pdf
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