Positions Statements

Short papers that present our position and/or approach on a given topic relevant to the FSC system.
upholding indigenous rights
We strive to adhere to an evidence-based approach in our framing of the issue and subsequent approach and/or recommendations. Please find a list of the papers available below. 
FSC Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous Peoples  

FSC is committed to working with Indigenous Peoples by upholding their ownership, use and management rights across all forests.

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FSC sanitary logging

Sanitary Logging

Sanitary logging becomes illegal when companies obtain a permit via illegal means or conduct sanitary logging in violation of legislations. 

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Concerns over global deforestation have been at the core of FSC since its founding.

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FSC labels

FSC Mix and Controlled Wood Labels

Any business that holds an FSC label commits to the strictest standards currently governing responsible forest management.

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FSC Interholco


FSC is aware and understands the public concern that any forest destruction can cause and the sensitivity around key forestry practices such as clear-cutting.


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FSC Smallholders

Small-scale, Low-intensity and Community Forests

FSC is building pathways for small-scale and community forests to achieve certification on multiple fronts.

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FSC Russia Ukraine

FSC’s position on Russia's war on Ukraine

FSC must act against aggression while fulfilling its mission of protecting forests.

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Forest Background

Become a forest steward

We all have a role to play in protecting the future of our forests. Learn how you can join the FSC
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