June 2019

FSC Board of Directors decides to maintain association with Korindo dependent on Korindo’s complying with strict requirements towards social and environmental reparations and remedy. Read the FSC statement  here to learn more about this decision.

March 2019

Additional expert social and environmental analysis has been concluded.

August 2018

FSC Board discusses the case at their meeting in Bonn and concludes that an additional expert analysis needs to be conducted prior for a decision on the case to be taken. See the FSC statement here.

July 2018

Submission of the complaints panel investigation report with a recommendation (and quality assessment) to the FSC Board of Directors.

November-December 2017

Complaints panel conducts a field visit in Indonesia. The panel interviews key stakeholders in Jakarta and Papua and visits Korindo Group operations and surrounding communities in Papua.

September 2017

Complaints panel is established and investigation begins.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Case

  1. Why did the FSC Board of Directors not take a decision on the Korindo case at their meeting in August 2018?

    After in depth discussions, the FSC Board (BoD) concluded that further clarifications and information were needed - in relation to particular points - prior for the BoD to be able to come to a decision on the case.

    For that reason it was decided that an additional expert analysis to clarify these points must be conducted, and that the decision on the case shall be postponed until the results of this additional analysis are available.

  2. Why is an additional analysis required prior for a decision on the case to be taken?

    This additional analysis will enable the BoD to take a fair and comprehensive decision on the case based on solid grounds and complete information.

    This is in line with the principles of fairness and impartiality which the FSC Dispute Resolution is based on.

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