The Continuous Improvement Procedure is based on the idea that sustainability, rather than a fixed objective, is a path. It invites smallholder and communities to become part of the global FSC community of certificate holders without having perfect responsible management in place. It´s enough to have initiated and implemented crucial measures and to commit to continue the path of sustainability together with FSC, by improving forest management practices step-by-step and to conform with all requirements of the FSC standard within 5 years. 

The procedure will facilitate the access to FSC certification and the learning process necessary to conform with FSC requirements for smallholder and communities.  Also, it is expected that the economic benefit of the FSC certification will allow the user of the CIP to cover its required investment for responsible forest management and FSC certification during the first certification cycle.  

Thus, the Continuous Improvement will increase FSC relevance for community and small-scale forest management. To accompany the ongoing public consultation for the Continuous Improvement Procedure, the team is organizing webinars on Thursday, 12 August 2021, one in Spanish and one in English, for all interested stakeholders to learn more about the procedure and ask any questions. To register for a webinar click the relevant link below: 

For any questions please contact the project coordinator, Janja Eke at