FSC is scheduling four webinars to present the first draft of the FSC Conversion Remedy Procedure (FSC-PRO-01-007 V1-0 D1-0). This series of webinars is an opportunity to understand the development process of and the proposals included in the first draft of the Remedy Procedure.

The webinars will also enable you to ask questions to guide your participation in the public consultation. The public consultation will be accessible through the FSC consultation platform from 1 April 2020.

Here are more information on the webinars:

Schedule Registration
Webinar 1 (EN): 09:00AM – 10:00AM on 15 April 2020 Register for Webinar 1 (EN)*
Webinar 2 (EN): 17:00PM – 18:00PM on 15 April 2020 Register for Webinar 2 (EN)*
Webinar 3 (EN): 09:00AM – 10:00AM on 13 May 2020 Register for Webinar 3 (EN)*
Webinar 4 (ES): 17:00PM – 18:00PM on 13 May 2020 Register for Webinar 4 (ES)*

* You will receive a confirmation email after registration.

For any comments and questions please contact Yan Li, FSC Forest Management Policy Manager, at y.li@fsc.org. We encourage you to submit your questions for our live Q&A session – at least 24 hours prior to the webinar – to Yan Li.

Check the page dedicated to the development of a mechanism to translate the FSC Policy on Conversion into operational practices for more information regarding the project. We will also place recordings of the English and Spanish webinars on this page for those who cannot attend the live session.