Linda Fienberg, current Social North member in the working group was recently elected as an FSC International Board of Directors member. FSC is now seeking an FSC Social North member to replace her in the working group. Together with the other five working group members, the new Social North member will develop the final draft of the FSC Policy on Conversion.  

The ideal applicant must demonstrate appropriate knowledge and expertise relevant to the task, including knowledge of the subject matter, FSC system, language requirements and other skills deemed necessary. The applicant should also be prepared for the necessary time commitments. 

You can find further information on requirements for applicants in the terms of references for the WG – available here

FSC will cover all travel costs related to agreed tasks necessary for the working group.  

Applicants are asked to send their CVs, a completed application form and a cover letter. The cover letter should explicitly state how their previous experience can be immediately transferrable to the needs of the WG. All applications should be sent to FSC Policy Manager, Yan Li, at

Working group progress 

After a public consultation on the first draft of FSC Policy on Conversion this summer, the working group is now reviewing feedback from the consultation participants. It aims to deliver the second draft of the Policy in December this year. 

Check the page dedicated to this project for more information, including background resources and the current status.