Citizens can vote for the issues that the dialogues should prioritize until June 16th, and also which issues should be discussed with the heads of government in special roundtables during the Conference.

FSC has introduced two proposals, for which it calls for wide public support (those who already voted before 4 June can vote again). Your vote will help the FSC team in Rio to get its main issues across to the government and civil society representatives there.

Please go to

Click on “Forests” and vote for: “Support common framework conditions for forest certification and include it in the Rio+20 framework of action”.

Then click on “The Economics of Sustainable Development, Including Sustainable Production and Consumption”, and vote for: “Promote Sustainable Public Procurement worldwide as a catalyst for sustainable patterns”.

Following this, confirm your vote by following the instructions at the bottom of that page.

Contacts: John Hontelez, or Anakarina Perez Oropeza

The explanations behind the two FSC proposals can be found below: