FSC has published the following new and amended derogations:

  1. The NEW derogation on conducting FM hybrid audits FSC-DER-2020-012
  2. The amended general auditing derogation FSC-DER-2020-001
  3. The amended auditor derogation FSC-DER-2020-004
  4. The amended derogation on conducting CoC audits remotely FSC-DER-2020-005

The amended derogations (FSC-DER-2020-004 and FSC-DER-2020-001) continue to be applicable and have been adapted to reflect the continued impact of the pandemic on certification bodies and certificate holders in performing audits on-site and ability to be audited on site.

Key contents of the new derogation FSC-DER-2020-012 are as follows:

  • The derogation offers a ‘hybrid model’ for FM audits where on-site audit parts can be supported by technical experts/ auditors on the ground while the audit team leader may conduct the audit remotely.
  • The derogation provides a section on pre-conditions that need to be fulfilled and covers the competence and required previous experience of supporting technical experts. The hybrid model may be applied to any type of audit.

The published derogations can be found here: