In October 2016, the GRWG selected Dr Ben Cashore and Dr Kate McDonald to carry out an independent critical review of FSC governance and an analysis of members’ inputs, to bring insights and innovative approaches to FSC governance. Pippa Heylings was also selected as moderator.

Since September 2016, consultations with international members have been carried out through regional members meetings held in Germany, Indonesia, Peru, Russia, South Africa, and the USA. Over 280 members have participated and given direct input to members of the working group.

Additionally, an online survey was carried out in from September to November and the subchamber representatives have arranged several conference calls with members who could not participate in the meetings.

  1. The consultation process with the membership will resume in May. The aim of this second phase of consultation is to discuss proposed solutions. The GRWG is planning to carry out this process at upcoming regional members meetings planned for some regions and via telephone conferences, webinars, and, if deemed necessary, through an online survey.
  2. As some of the options may need to be prepared as motions to be approved by the general assembly in October in Vancouver, the GRWG has been given an exception to submit motions after the deadline of 3 March.

If you have further comments or questions about this process, please do not hesitate to contact your subchamber representative or send an email to your chamber.

The GRWG members are: