All affected certificate holders must submit their recent purchase and sales data to their certification body by 9 June.

Oak flooring products have been identified as posing high risks for false FSC claims following allegations of inaccurate claims. As a result, all required FSC-certified oak flooring transactions between trading partners for Quarter 4 2018 and Quarter 1 2019 (October 2018 to March 2019) will be verified.

Transaction verification is the process of comparing and verifying all transactions related to a specific product type, group or region over a given time.

Certification bodies will notify affected certificate holders directly by 9 May and send further instructions about timelines and requirements.

Certification bodies will act on mismatching volumes by issuing corrective action requests. Certificate holders may see their certificates suspended or terminated if an investigation determines they have deliberately allowed misleading transactions to enter the FSC system.

The oak (genus Quercus) is native to the Northern Hemisphere, but can be found around the world, from cool temperate to tropical latitudes. Oak wood can be used for construction, homewares, flooring, wine barrels, among other uses. This species is very strong and resists insect and fungal attacks due to its high tanning content.