All affected certificate holders must submit their purchase and sales data from Q1 and Q2 2019 to their certification body by 2 September.

FSC has discovered some inaccurate and false claims on Calophyllum plywood and veneer products through its wood identification program and supply chain investigations. Therefore, all FSC-certified Calophyllum plywood and veneer transactions between trading partners for Quarters 1 and 2 2019 – from January to June 2019 – will be verified.

In addition, Vietnamese certificate holders with plywood in their scope will be required to participate in this transaction verification, regardless of species used. This decision results from allegations of false claims in the Vietnamese plywood supply chain.

Transaction verification is the process of comparing and verifying all transactions related to a specific product type, group or region over a given time.

Certification bodies will notify affected certificate holders directly by 2 August and send further instructions about timelines and requirements.

Certification bodies will act on mismatching volumes by issuing corrective action requests. Certificate holders may see their certificates suspended or terminated if an investigation determines they have deliberately allowed misleading transactions to enter the FSC system.

Calophyllum is a type of tropical flowering plants in the family Calophyllaceae. It is mainly distributed in Asia, but some species can also be found in Africa, the Americas, Australasia, and the Pacific Islands.