Entitled ‘Towards a focus for the social chamber’, the paper calls for greater clarity on the primary focus of the social chamber – which Hubert Kwisthout identifies as “livelihood issues” – and explains how clarifying the role of the social chamber could help it position itself between the two other chambers, the economic and environmental chambers, in a mediating role.

Kwisthout then presents nine issues to be considered that may benefit from adopting a livelihood focus, including “Economic is not the same as commercial,” “Are the desirables of community forestry operations achievable?” and “Are communities prepared to abandon traditional ways in order to achieve objectives?”

“I think it is important for the proper functioning of FSC that members have a good idea of the areas that are important for the different chambers. I therefore hope that this paper will also be of interest to the members of the economic and environmental chambers,” said Kwisthout.

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