The previous consultation on the second draft of FSC-POL-01-007 V1-0 D2-0 FSC Policy on Conversion ended in February 2020. It was the occasion for FSC membership and stakeholders to raise various concerns. The chamber-balanced working group on this policy proposed several options to change the conversion cut-off rule and address these concerns. 

 FSC has decided to launch a third public consultation to get feedback from their members and stakeholders on these proposed options. The consultation results will be used to finalize the FSC Policy on Conversion. 

To support FSC membership and stakeholder participation in the consultation and to prepare for the conversion discussion at the FSC General Assembly (GA) 2021, FSC developed a green paper on conversion and planned research and engagement activities related to conversion prior to the GA 2021, including conversion data gathering, case studies and conversion dialogues, etc.

FSC is scheduling three webinars to present the third draft of the FSC Conversion Policy (FSC-POL-01-007 V1-0 D3-0). This series of webinars is an opportunity to understand the development process and the proposals included in the third draft of the Conversion Policy.  

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For more information on the FSC Policy on Conversion and the public consultation, please visit our related webpage. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact Yan Li, FSC Policy Manager, at