In your voting pack, which you will receive when you register, you will find a motions prioritization form. Before Wednesday 11 October in the evening, you must complete this form with all relevant information, including your name, chamber and the numbers and names of the motions listed in the order you want them to be prioritized in. You must also do this for each person you represent as proxy (if relevant) according to their instructions. The forms must be returned before Wednesday 11 October in the evening, when they will be analyzed and a final list will be drafted.

The top ten motions from every chamber will be prioritized as determined by the analysis of the prioritization forms.

Statutory motions are mandatory, and all statutory motions must therefore be considered. These are debated and voted on before any other motions are considered.

When all statutory motions have been debated and voted on, the top prioritized motion from each chamber will be debated and voted on, and so forth in the order of prioritization as established in the prioritization forms, until we run out of time or we run out of motions to consider. If a motion is duplicated from one chamber’s top ten list to another chamber’s top ten list, this motion will only be dealt with once and the next motion in line will be debated and voted on next (always ensuring that each chamber’s motions are dealt with equitably).

If a motion is not considered at the General Assembly, it will not be considered further.