The Implementation Plan stems from democratic decisions taken by our members at the FSC General Assembly 2014, and represents months of sharing ideas, planning, project development, collaboration and sheer hard work for all contributors. 

It’s an important milestone for us, because it highlights how we have built on our past success to move even closer toward global coordination, alignment and working as one FSC. 

The FSC Implementation Plan was developed by our global staff from the Bonn office, regional offices and Network Partners around the world, who were following the direction set by our membership in the Global Strategic Plan. 

As a first priority, we have set up cross-organizational structures to lead the priority projects for 2017. We have given them project leaders, teams and budgets to do their work, and we are developing project management methodologies and a project portfolio steering system to help them deliver on their ambitions. This will create a framework that can be used around the world. 

With our implementation plan, we are building the structures and actions we need to implement the changes we want to make together. These changes are big and include: creating new ways of making decisions across the whole of FSC; new ways of sharing information; new ways of designing our rules based on risk and impact; and new ways of defending our credibility by taking action against false claims. 

We will implement the actions of the implementation plan at the right time and in the right order, not all at once, because we know we cannot change everything at the same time. By designing change together, and being ready to learn as we go and adapt our approach along the way, we can create a complete transformation for the whole organization.

Please click here to view the FSC Implementation Plan in English. The Spanish version is also available here.