A forester by training, Wijayaningdyah has been working with forestry workers unions since 1998. In this role, she has witnessed how illegal logging and unsustainable forestry have led to the rapid decline of Indonesian wood industries and to massive layoffs. With that experience in mind, she aims to ensure that forest certification and sustainable management are included in her trade union agenda.

Wijayaningdyah hopes her appointment as Chairperson will contribute to making the voices of the millions of men and women working for forestry and wood industries heard.

Rulita Wijayaningdyah commented on her appointment: “I look forward to building a stronger team within the FSC leadership that would consolidate the three chambers, because all of the strategies that we have outlined cannot be materialized if there is no collaboration across the chambers, if there is no active involvement of the members and stakeholders”.

The FSC International Board of Directors is made up of twelve elected representatives from FSC’s three membership chambers– economic, environmental and social. Each chamber is further divided into global South and global North. Thus, board members represent the views of the sub-chambers that elect them, rather than the view of any organization with which they are affiliated. This ensures that the board is accountable to the FSC membership.