FSC has launched diverse initiatives since 2016 as part of the New Approaches to Smallholders and Communities (New Approaches) project. Their goal is to improve access to – and uptake of – the FSC system by small forest owners and communities.

The FSC Smallholders Update

The brief update is part of an FSC commitment to keep all stakeholders updated around the New Approaches project. FSC will prepare two updates per year until the next General Assembly in 2021.

This current update is the first informing about the developments over the last months. You can access it through this link.
It is also available in French upon request.

The content of this update is linked with those of various factsheets that FSC published earlier this year.

Contact us

If you have any questions or comments around these initiatives, please contact Vera Santos, FSC New Approaches Program Manager, at v.santos@fsc.org.