Government intervention is essential, but additionally, FSC-certified companies and their workers can jointly work towards prevention, raising awareness and building capacity, and to implement workplace-level policies in line with relevant International Labour Standards.

This is important as many companies are facing financial difficulty, while workers are forced into absenteeism, whether due to illness, self-isolation or having to shoulder full-time childcare responsibilities. 

The FSC standards clearly mandate that workers’ rights must be upheld and protected. This is of particular importance at this time. Businesses and governments must pull together to safeguard vulnerable workers and working families. And we see this happening in many countries and companies.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) continues to release resources for all companies when devising their internal approaches to the crisis. The ILO COVID-19 FAQ document should serve as a useful reference for certificate holders in need of guidance. 

Building and Woodworkers International (BWI), an FSC International member organization representing trade union and workers’ interests, has proposed a set of actions as a request to FSC certified companies to protect workers in this turbulent time. Given the importance of this topic to FSC certificate holders, FSC is sharing these recommendations from BWI for all to consider and use in situations where they apply. 

Read the letter from BWI here.