FSC is happy to announce the finalization of the procedure to assess the equivalency between the FSC core labour requirements and initiatives such as voluntary sustainability standards, national and regional regulatory mechanisms, corporate practices, internal procurement policies and sustainability schemes. The approved equivalent initiatives can be used by certificate holders to demonstrate conformance as per Clause 1.11 of FSC Chain of Custody Standard FSC-STD-40-004.

We would like to identify potential initiatives which can be considered as equivalent. We therefore invite all interested parties to submit initiatives that they believe to be equivalent to the FSC core labour requirements. FSC will review the submitted schemes via the procedure and reach a conclusion. If the scheme is found to be equivalent, this information will be made available and can be used to streamline the assessment of the FSC core labour requirements during an audit.

To request an equivalency assessment, please fill in this form and send it to chainofcustody@fsc.org by 20 May 2022.