But even in this situation, we uphold our vision of shifting the global forest trend toward sustainable use, conservation, restoration, and respect for all.

Over the 27 years of our history, values of respect, dialogue, and consensus have driven participatory decisions that are implemented together with FSC’s members and stakeholders on the ground. These are the values that make responsible forest management possible around the world and protect people who are inextricably connected to forests.

We stand by the civil society and organizations on the ground that have developed our rigorous forest management standards. We will take all possible measures within our organization’s scope to safeguard FSC’s values, and seek ways to effectively address the challenges on the short and long term. 

We are committed to making sure that the thousands of companies, consumers, communities and organizations that have put trust in FSC and that have contributed to its strong global position, can continue to do so.

FSC’s leadership is currently discussing the situation in both Ukraine and Russia and expects to make statements about Ukraine and Russia in the near future. These decisions will be based on how best to protect forests and maintain the integrity of the FSC system.  

Any decision related to FSC certification on a country level will have long-term effects and implications, so it needs to be taken after carefully considering and examining all potential scenarios. FSC remains committed to its vision of Forests for All, Forever. 

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