Of FSC certification and reduce the FSC system’s reliance on ‘FSC Mix’ products and the controlled wood used to produce them

From 11 to 13 June in Lisbon, 64 people representing the ‘whole FSC system’ participated in an innovative workshop to find common ground on the future of ‘FSC Mix’ products and the controlled wood used to produce them.

It was the most diverse group of stakeholders to participate in an FSC strategy meeting to date, and included, for the first time, non-certified and external stakeholders. Attendees contributed their perspectives, knowledge, and experience with the various steps along this process, including the common ground elements agreed to at the first global meeting in Bonn in early 2017. Additionally, the advisory group to the controlled wood strategy project drew ideas from the comments submitted to the project’s consultative forum.

The outcome of the meeting was a list of nine objectives. Participants also decided on short-term and long-term action steps (i.e., critical pathways) towards meeting the nine objectives. The action steps will be included in the draft controlled wood strategy that will be open for public consultation between mid-July and mid-September this year.




Increase the area certified to forest management standards in all forest types.


Strengthen supply chain integrity by using technology (e.g., verification of controlled wood origin).


Adapt the system to regional and national realities.


Use data for decision-making and understand impact over time.


Influence the management of non-certified forests by building strategic alliances and collaborating with like-minded organizations.


Create an enhanced value proposition and benefits of sustainable forest management, from forest to consumers.


Streamline the controlled wood normative framework and communicate with clarity.


Communicate openly and comprehensively to be transparent about controlled wood (e.g., on product labels).


Develop tools to help all interested parties to meet the standards and get certified (e.g., smallholders and forest communities).


*The objectives that go beyond the scope of controlled wood strategy are aligned with the FSC Global Strategic Plan 2015-2020.


Next steps

Publish a draft controlled wood strategy in mid-July 2018

The FSC Secretariat will draft a controlled wood strategy that builds on the agreed objectives and the short and long-term actions agreed to at the workshop in Lisbon.

Public consultation in mid-July 2018

60-day public consultation with the purpose to verify stakeholders’ support to objectives and actions developed at the workshop.   

Analysis of the public consultation

The FSC Secretariat will review all the comments received during the public consultation and produce a synopsis with support from Advisory Group.

Approve controlled wood strategy in November 2018

The FSC Board of Directors will evaluate the final draft strategy and the process at their meeting in Bonn, Germany, in November 2018.


For more information regarding the controlled wood strategy project, please contact Joanna Nowakowska, controlled wood programme manager, at j.nowakowska@fsc.org.