Increased focus on making scientific data accessible

The dashboard was developed so FSC can present independent research that shows the effect of its work on the ground.  The dashboard allows users to dive into more than 50 comparative studies about FSC and see how FSC performs against non-certified forests. Through a simple graphic, users can navigate key indicators and learn whether there are statistically significant differences between certified and uncertified forests.

The release of the impact dashboard is a first step for FSC into using internal and external data more extensively to learn and communicate about the effects and the relevance of FSC certification.

In the coming year a research portal will be released, currently covering more than 300 scientific studies on the FSC certification system as well as other topics relevant for many FSC stakeholders. Where the impact dashboard highlights only comparative studies in a visual format, the research portal will gather all types of research on FSC and other topics relevant to FSC in a broader sense.

Simultaneously, FSC is working on generating better and more robust data sources on certified forest areas via initiatives like FSC digital audit reporting and FSC GIS initiatives. Both projects which will enable FSC to provide the research community with more data and of a higher quality than what is possible today.

Independent Scientific Research

The research community publishes studies on FSC using a wide diversity of approaches and methodologies. We have made efforts to select the most insightful studies about the effects of FSC-certification. With the Impact Dashboard, we offer an interactive and user-friendly tool to navigate through a compilation of isolated results from scientific studies about the outcomes of FSC-certification across the world’s forests.